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Baikonur - 4 Days

Day 01:Tyuratam by train
08:25 Flight to KyzylOrda.
11:00 Arrival. Transfer tot he train station.
15:19 Departure to Tyuratam by train.
18:43 Arrival.
Meeting and transfer to the hotel.
Dinner at the hotel.
Day 02:Excursion at the launching pad N200.
Excursion at the launching pad N200.
Observation of rocket launch.
Excursions: to the launch pad N2, the Baikonur Cosmodrome Museum, visiting the houses where Gagarin and Korolev lived, the starting square. N1, inspection of the “Buran”.
Return to the city. Dinner
Day 03: Baikonur-Kyzylorda
Transfer to the railway station, train Baikonur-Kyzylorda, transfer to the airport,
14:40 departure flight to Almaty,
Arrive at 16:25

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