Day 01: City Tour
Included: transfer airport-hotel, night at the hotel, lunch, excursion, all tickets
8:30 Breakfast
9:30 City Tour.
12:30 lunch in a Indian restaurant.
(not included to the price of the tour)
13:30 Tour Chimbulak ski resort  .
17:00 Hunting birds show.
19:00 Dinner at the Indian restaurant.
(not included to the price of the tour)
20:00 Overnight at the hotel
Almaty – a beautiful city of two cultures – Muslim and Christian, located in the emerald-blue necklace of snow-capped mountains of Trans-Ili Alatau.
You will see:
Central city park – Russian Orthodox cathedral of the holy Ascension of Christ (entirely wooden, built without any metal nails and also the oldest building in the city); The Presidential alley memorial complex devoted to Word War Two; The Eternal Flame; and The folk musical instruments museum.
The Green bazaar (place for buying souvenirs); The Central Muslim mosque; The Kazakhstan Hotel (main business card and the highest building in the city); The republic palace; The Independence square three main symbols of Kazakhstan – obelisk devoted to independence.
Visit the old administrative center, which was formed in the 30s – 50s of the 20th century. After meeting with the sport area, and also cultural and business districts of the city (Sports Palace, Central Stadium, Kazakh circus, Wedding Palace, Almaty Towers, Business Centre “Nurlytau”) financial center, then you head to the mountains to the Medeo ice rink (1,691 meters above sea level), where 120 world records have taken place.

Chimbulak ski resort is situated in an attractive gorge of the Zailii Alatau at a height of 2,260 m above sea level and 25 km from the city center. The average air temperature is +20°C in summer and -7°C in winter. The snow is on average 150cm thick in winter, with consistent snow cover from November to May. 90% of the days in the year are sunny. The slopes are served by three chairlifts. The total length of the lifts is 3620 meters. There are 3 stations of them; the first one is Intersection Station (2260 meters above the sea level) (9 minute trip), then 20th Prop Station (2630 meters above the sea level) (16.5 minutes) and Talgar pass Station (3200 meters above the sea level for a vertical drop of 903 meters). The ski-lifts are continuously maintained by professionals. There is also Snow-Park for the fans of snowboarding.

Day 02: Chary Canyon
Included: night at the hotel, excursion, lunch,

8:00 Breakfast.
8:30 Transfer to Chary Canyon, 210 kz.
12:00 Excursion on the Canyon.
14:00 Lunch in the Canyon.
17:00 Transfer to Almaty
20:30 arrival to Almaty.
Possible to visit Night club – will be paid separately (not included to the price of the tour)
Length: hiking part – 4 km
Auto part – 420 km.
The Charyn Canyon is located 200 km east of the city of Almaty. A path runs along the northern Tien Shan mountains.
On the way we will see:
Local Kazakh villages; agricultural areas; Tien-Shan mountains; The sacred tree; Moslem cemetery; Uigur local bazaar; mountain pass; mirage valley; natural park entrance; excursion and a walking tour along the Charyn canyon and the Valley of castles (place name) .
Anyone who has ever been to Charyn canyon shall remember it forever!
This unusual journey into “town” where time is the chief architect, built the city in style of unique natural landscapes. This so called “city” – is The Charyn Canyon. It is located 210 km east of Almaty. Along the way, we will pass the Kok Pek sky passage and the boundless Syugatinskaya valley.
The Charyn Canyon – is a beautiful monument of nature, preserved for millions of years, where under the influence of millennial weathering of sedimentary rocks, the original form of relief adopted outlines of isolated rocks, columns and towers. The Canyon is extremely picturesque and very diverse in geological and geomorphologic means. Wind and water have created this beautiful “Valley of Castles”. The length of the Valley is more than 2 km, and the width is 20-80 meters. For millions of years nature has been creating this architecture, carefully and slowly, and raised magnificent castles. You can spend hours wandering past the strange towers, pillars and the marvel exuberant imagination of nature! The Fantastic Valley of Castles in Charyn Canyon opens up a world of amazing cliffs, and towers made of red sandstone, aged 10-12 million years old. The height of the cliffed slopes of the canyon can reach up to 150-300 meters. You can, and you should make pictures that you probably will show to friends and family with a sense of pride that you saw a “Wonder of Nature”.
Take: sports shoes, hat, and sunglasses.

Day 03: Tamgaly Tas
Included: night at the hotel, excursion, lunch,

8:00 Breakfast.
8:30 Transfer to Tamgaly Tas, 120 kz.
10:30 Excursion on the Tamgaly Tas.
13:00 Lunch in the Kapchagay. FISH
14:00 Transfer to Almaty
15:30 arrival to Almaty.
Tamgaly-Tas is located near the river Ili in 120 km. to the North from Almaty on the way to Bakanas.
Tamgaly-Tas is translated from Kazakh “stones with signs” or “images (petroglyphs) on the stones”, and in public they are more known as “written rocks”. On the right shore of the river Ili there about 1000 of different rock paintings that date from the late Middle Ages. They are petroglyphs , images of idols, Buddhist notes, among which the most interesting paintings are three Buddhist idols. Under the drawings the sacred text in Sanskrit, dating from the XII century is carved: “Om mane padmehum” (“snow jewel in the lotus” or “Blessed be the born from a lotus”). The inscriptions on the rocks are on the Tibetan and Kalmyk languages.
There is a legend that in X century, when one of the Buddhist missions stopped on the river bank Ili during the march to Semirechye, there was an earthquake and a large rock piece fell on the earth. This incident was considered as a sign of necessary return to India. They cut three images of Buddha on the rock piece. One can see other pictures of Buddha on the adjoining rocks.
According to another legend the inscriptions were written by the Kalmyks in “todorkhoy nomyn bichig” (“clear literary script”), that was created by Zaya Pandita Ogtorguyna in 1648 and was used more than three centuries by the Mongols, who carved the images of Buddha.

Day 04: Transfer Hotel – Airport.
Included: transfer hotel-airport.
5:30 Breakfast.
6:00 Transfer Hotel – Airport.

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