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Almaty & Astana - 4 Days

Almaty & Astana
Day 01: City tour
Meeting at the Airport of Almaty.
Transfer to the hotel l on the basis of breakfast in the city center.
Rest at the hotel.
10:00 City tour.
Almaty is a beautiful city of two cultures – Muslim and Christian, located in a necklace of emerald-blue with snow-capped peaks of the mountains of the Trans-Ili Alatau.
The city is young, founded in 1854, has a very rich history, where the past intersects with the present.
You will see the main attractions: the Central State Museum of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Presidential Residence, the architectural ensemble of the main square of Kazakhstan – the name of the Republic, the Independence Monument. Theater of Opera and Ballet. Abaya Square, Astana Square, Railway Station, Central Mosque, Green Bazaar, 28 Panfilov guardsmen, Memorial of Glory, Holy Ascension Cathedral, the most famous square of the city, the old administrative center that was established in the 30-50s of the 20th century, the parks of the city.
13:00 Lunch in the restaurant “At Afanasich”.
Go through the beloved townspeople prospectuses – Abay, Dostyk, Ablai Khan and visit the shopping, sports and cultural centers of Almaty.
After getting acquainted with the sports, cultural and business districts of the city (Palace of Sports, Central Stadium, Kazakh Circus, Wedding Palace, Almaty Towers, Nurlitau Business Center, Financial Center, Kok-Tobe Mountain), you will head to Medeo, located in the gorge of the Malaya Almatinka River.
The ice rink Medeo (1,691 m above sea level) is located 16 km from Almaty. A little above the rink you will be waited for a short stop on an anti-mud dam, which protects the city from the devastating mudflows that form on the slopes of the western Tien Shan. From the top of the dam, from a height of 1733 meters above sea level, you can enjoy a magnificent panorama of a large high-mountain skating rink – Medeo, surrounded by the beautiful mountains of the Zailiysky Alatau.
17:00 Show of Poultry Birds.
From Medeo, take the funicular to the Chimbulak ski resort, which is located at an altitude of 2.230 meters. There is a 1500 meter high suspension road that will raise you to a height of 3163 meters to the peak of Talgar.
19:00 In the evening dinner at a Georgian restaurant.
Overnight at the hotel.
Day 02: The canyon of the Charyn river.
7:00 Breakfast.
7:30 Departure to the canyon of the Charyn river.
210km 3.5 hours en route to one side.
11:00 Arrival in the canyon. Excursion in the canyon. Visits to the observation platforms.
13:00 Lunch. in the menu of shish kebabs
14:30 Departure to Almaty.
18:00 Dinner at the Georgian restaurant.
19:40 Departure by the late night train Talgo to Astana. 13 hours. “Charyn Canyon”- is a beautiful natural monument, preserved for millions of years, where, under the influence of millennial processes of weathering of sedimentary rocks, the original shape of the relief took the outlines of isolated rocks, columns and towers. The canyon is extremely picturesque and very diverse in geological and geomorphological terms. The wind and water have created here the most beautiful “Valley of Castles”. The length of the valley is more than 2 km, width – 20 – 80 m. During the walking route, you are surrounded by towers of quaint form, composed of sedimentary rocks. For millions of years nature has created this architecture, diligently and slowly, erected majestic castles. The fantastic Valley of Castles of the Charyn canyon opens you the world of amazing rock-towers, built of red sandstone, whose age is 10-12 million years. The height of the steep slopes of the canyon reaches 150-300 m. It is struck by the extreme dismemberment of the relief: numerous beams and ravines form a dense, disorderly network. At the bottom of the canyon, the swift Charyn River rages. Above the canyon, an amazing landscape opens. Here you can and should make photos that you will surely show to family and friends with a sense of pride, for yourself, who saw the “Wonder of Nature”.
Take with you: sports shoes, hat, sunglasses.
Day 03: Excursions in Astana.
8:25 Arrival to Astana.
Meeting and transfer to the Cafe. Breakfast.
9:30 Start of Excursions in Astana.
8:25 Sightseeing tour around Astana “Heart of the country-Astana”.
We will visit Central and New Square, a monument to the defenders of the fatherland. We will get to the observation platform “Astana-Baiterek”.
We will visit the Palace of Peace and Accord (“Pyramid”: – opera hall, winter garden, hall “Cradle of the pyramid”, atrium).
We will visit the Museum of the First President.
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Continuation of the tour.
Visit the mosque “Hazrat Sultan”.
The Palace of Independence (“Astana is a city of the future, a ceremonial hall, a gallery of modern art, a 4D cinema).
We will visit the “Khan Shatyr” Trading center.
18:30 Dinner.
Overnight at the Hotel.
Day 04:ALZHIR”
(Akmola Camp Wives of Treason of the Motherland) 30 km one way.
9:00 Breakfast at the hotel.
9:45 Departure to the “ALZHIR”
13:00 Lunch
14:00 Visit to the National Museum (Ethnographic Hall, Astana Hall, Hall of Gold, Hall of Medieval and Ancient History)
Visit to the entertainment complex DUMAN (aquarium).
17:30 Dinner.

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